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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Learning some words...While having fun

My son is crazy about ABCs, writing, reading and books. I don't know where he got that from. My guess is probably from my Dad who is super-smart, analytical, creative and practically a genius! Off the record, my husband is also very smart and intellectual, in a good way.  But I am 100% sure my wonderful Colombian genes should take the credit for all the positive traits our little one carries!
Since getting my son to speak Spanish has been kind of an up hill battle for me (he understands everything I say, but categorically refuses to speak full sentences), I'm always looking for a way to engage him and make him speak and think in Spanish.

Last weekend we were practicing some writing and he came up with the idea of making our own ABC book (I'm telling you, he is his Abuelito re-loaded). Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to do something fun and productive with him. And this is what we did:

I would write upper and lower case letters and a word that starts with each. Letters on top of the page and words at the bottom. He will then trace over the letters and draw a picture for each word. He really enjoyed this and felt proud of his own creation. He chose mainly animals for the words and even his own name when his initial came up. He was so proud to realize how many words he already knows. Then, I told him that, as we read the full book, we should say the letter, the word and, then, the corresponding Spanish word. He didn't even argue. He felt so accomplished as he went on and said most of the Spanish words. He has even picked his little ABC book as the book he wants to read for bedtime.


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